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It's easy to observe the seasons on your plate in Spain because all the market stall holders,greengrocers,chefs and home cooks buy seasonal vegetables that are not onlytastier but cheaper too!If you want to order the best of Spain's seasonal vegetable dishes when travelling in Spain,here is our guide to what's in season when.

Seasonal Vegetables in Spain

seasonal vegetables in Spain

所有的东西看起来都那么新鲜可口,你只会发现什么是季节性的!Photo credit:大戴夫二极管via光敏色素 cc

Artichokes – Alcachofas
In Season: Dec – May

Usually eaten fresh,although you'll also find jars of preserved artichokes in all top delis in Spain.When dining out,你会发现它们是炒的,烤,stuffed with jamon,in a Spanish tortilla,在天妇罗一样的面糊里炸。“Menestra”是一种由豌豆、青豆、洋蓟和其他时令食物组成的炒菜或炖菜。洋蓟的‘blanca de tudela’品种在西班牙最为著名,发现于La Rioja在那里你可以作为开胃菜在调味汁里享用。

Asparagus Green/White – Esparrago Triguero/Blanco
绿色季节:3月和4月。White is in Season: Apr – June

When reading a menu,unless you see the word ‘triguero' the word asparagus refers to the white version – which is revered here in Spain and served in salads or on its own with mayonnaise or a vinaigrette.The green is also special and tends to appear when served with char-grilled vegetables known as ‘verduras a la parrilla'.有些菜单上还有奶油芦笋汤。在安达卢西亚,绿色芦笋可以和豌豆、水煮蛋或煎蛋一起食用——芦笋尖可以作为士兵蘸蛋黄食用——美味极了!The white asparagus from the西班牙纳瓦拉region is especially prized in Spain.

In Season: May – Nov

通常纵向切成两半(像法式面包),里面塞满蘑菇和香槟酱,米饭,甚至是肉末——西班牙的茄子散发出浓郁的香味。We also enjoy them sliced in circles and fried in a tempura style batter served with ali oli.在Catalonia,try the ‘escalivada' which is a chargrilled combination of peppers,tomatoes and aubergine.

seasonal vegetables in Spain

Raf tomatoes and beetroot with a healthy drizzle of olive oil on each – simple and delicious!photo credit:从英国皇家空军出发via光敏色素 (license)

In Season: 12 months of the year

虽然这种蔬菜长得很好,你会发现这在西班牙的菜单上并不常见。We like this食谱for beetroot salmorejo and also add it to salads for extra colour and flavour!

Broad beans – Habas
In Season: Feb – May

常与米饭或果酱一起食用,你也可以准备一份蚕豆沙拉,甚至一份蚕豆汤。During the warmer months inCataloniayou'll find a bean salad consisting of cooked habas,pine nuts,artichokes and onion on menus.

In Season: Oct – June


Brussels Sprouts – Coles de Bruselas

You will see these for sale frequently (often while still attached to their stalks) but will rarely see them on a menu at a restaurant.


Most popular grilled or fried with lashings of garlic.蘑菇也能很好地在烤肉串上烤出和阿里奥利一起吃。

Cabbage – Repollo

Often crops up on menus inGalicia用烟熏辣椒粉、果酱、塞拉诺或熏肉条包装。


The vegetable can be boiled or par-boiled and fried with almonds,artichokes and even clams and you may also see it baked ‘au gratin'.它看起来有点像芹菜和韭菜的混合物。

In Season: 12 months of the year


seasonal vegetables in Spain

Greengrocers known as ‘fruterias' are full of colour – whatever the time of year!photo credit:Delicias de la Huerta–Fruteria餐厅via光敏色素 (license)

In Season: Oct – Mar

This is one that Spanish children detest at school canteens  – often served as cauliflower soup or cauliflower with béchamel sauce  – both of which are actually very tasty for adults.You may come across cauliflower in batter or served with chickpeas.

Celery – Apio

与意大利同行不同,Spanish cooks don't make much use of celery – apart from in a vegetable soup.

Chard/Swiss Chard – Acelga
In Season: 12 months of the year

Acelgas are served sautéed with ham or rice,or stewed with chickpeas or potatoes.深绿色叶,他们给一个真正的深度板,否则可能缺乏颜色。


This bitter member of the chicory family makes for a great canapé – just load up each leaf with young creamy Cabrales cheese or other soft blue cheese.In Catalonia,try it with the Xató sauce made from almonds,hazelnuts,面包屑和干的诺拉胡椒粉。Elsewhere,you'll find it steamed with other greens and then baked in the oven with a béchamel sauce.

Courgette/Zucchini – Calabacin

常用于汤中,it also doubles up as an alternative to pasta sheets in some lasagnas.小胡瓜是曼彻戈手枪的关键组成部分,a Spanish ratatouille popular in Castilla La Mancha.

seasonal vegetables in Spain

黄瓜——这只是加沙地带的主要成分之一!photo credit:加沙地带入口via光敏色素 (license)

Cucumber – Pepino
In Season: June – Sep

Gazpacho wouldn't be gazpacho without cucumber.It also makes an appearance in salads and even in the odd G&T.NB虽然西班牙种植各种各样的黄瓜,由于西班牙提供的是较短、较粗的乡村版本,因此长条型通常是出口的。

Garlic – Ajo
In Season: 12 months of the year

One of Spain's most relied upon vegetables – you can taste it in almost everything.尝尝“Sopa de Ajo”大蒜汤或“Ajo Blanco”,这是一种用大蒜做成的白色西班牙凉拌菜,apple,green grapes or melon and almonds.我们喜欢从乡村集市上拿起一串叫做“里斯拉”的蒜头,挂在厨房里。

Green beans – Judias
In Season: Feb – Oct

孩子们不太喜欢,‘judias' are a very common starter onmenu-del-dias– served in a stew of potatoes and peas or sautéed with chunks of jamon serrano.When green beans aren't in season,你可以买冷冻的,或者选择法国的青豆,这些青豆从三月到五月都很丰富。


季节:3月- 11月

One of our favourite Basque recipes is ‘marmitako' which is a tuna and green pepper hot pot that's 100% delicious.色拉中也有青椒。你还会看到一些较小的“帕德隆辣椒”,它们是用海盐炸制而成的美味(虽然有时很辣)辣椒。

In Season: 12 months of the year

韭菜汤很受欢迎,在炎热的夏季,你还可以在旅馆里买到法国冷汤“Vichyssoise”。In Winter,check out ‘Porrusalda' in the Basque Country which is a hot soup made from leek,potato,carrot and chicken stock or dried bacalao.


In Season: 12 months of the year

不仅餐厅菜单上有很多生菜可供选择,而且你可能还没有意识到生菜通常也会出现在蔬菜汤中。In the chilled supermarket aisles,你会发现几十袋预先洗过的生菜,包括一些特产的叶子,比如玉米沙拉(佳能)和西洋菜(贝罗斯)。

seasonal vegetables in Spain

在你尝试之前不要敲它们——这些像洋葱一样的石灰质棒极了!!!!photo credit:新鲜的via光敏色素 (license)

Onion – Cebolla

In Season: 12 months of the year

Rather like garlic,you'll find onion in almost every dish in Spain.Caramelised onion is often served with black pudding and with seared tuna dishes.关于西班牙玉米饼配洋葱和不配洋葱是否更好一直存在争议,答案通常取决于你的母亲/祖母等准备的方式。顺便说一句,一定要试试上面加泰罗尼亚烤肉架上的钙片,它们是洋葱和韭菜的完美结合!

Peas – Guisantes
In Season: Feb – May

Served frequently as a starter with sautéed dices of jamon serrano.你还可以在海鲜饭中找到豌豆(这是一个有争议的添加)和作为汤——同样,用大块的果酱作为装饰。豌豆也是典型的“俄罗斯沙拉”,由豌豆组成的塔帕斯酒吧。马铃薯丁carrot and hard-boiled egg with lashings of mayonnaise.

seasonal vegetables in Spain

Patatas bravas are a lifesaver when you are on the go and want something quick.Ask for the sauce on the side if you don't do spicy.photo credit:卡萨·托尼·帕塔塔斯·布拉瓦via光敏色素 (license)

Potatoes – Patatas

加利西亚自治区the Basque Country and la Rioja are the best-known regions for their potatoes on Spain's mainland.More than 150 varieties are grown across the entire country and each region has its own area of excellence  – for example the area of Valderredible in Cantabria is where we like to source our potatoes.据估计,每个西班牙人每年吃30公斤土豆。当你在这里的时候,make sure to try all the classics such as Riojan potato and chorizo stew (patatas a la riojana),帕塔塔是一种烤土豆片的松果菜,烤,Spanish potato omelette (tortilla),用烟熏辣椒粉和培根(加利西亚的帕塔塔斯康拉康)煮土豆,以及商店和市场上简单制作的工匠薯片!土豆泥在这里并不常见,但在加利西亚,你会发现一种经常和章鱼一起食用的奶油土豆泥,这真是太棒了。

Pumpkin – Calabaza
In Season: Oct – June

Pumpkin soup is a popular winter warmer in Spanish households and restaurants and you'll come across it inside ravioli and cannelloni also.

Radish – Rabano
In Season: 12 months of the year

Have you tried a carpaccio of radish or a radish salad with corn salad (canonigos) and raisins?It's not so commonplace to find radishes in a salad while eating out in Spain but they are always in the greengrocers and supermarkets and make a great addition to any ‘ensalada' being prepared at home.

In Season: Oct – Mar

Not so commonplace but we've had wonderful red cabbage salads and a stew of red cabbage served with apple and raisins – which is extra tasty with a splash of red wine vinegar as its being served which gives the cabbage a purple hue as well as a bit of a zing.在卡斯蒂利亚you might come across it prepared with aniseed and potatoes.

Red peppers – Pimientos Rojos
In Season: Sep – Dec

你会发现红辣椒是油炸的,stuffed and possibly our favourite – chargrilled which not only sweetens them ever more but makes them extremely versatile and handy for serving with steaks,在沙拉和酒吧的品脱上。人们也很喜欢用肉和米饭或烤面包来填饱肚子,然后放在烤箱里烤——这是完美的聚会食品。In Catalonia,try the ‘samfaina' which is a braised vegetable sauce from red peppers,洋葱,西红柿,aubergine and courgettes.In Aragon,选择红辣椒“Pimientos a la Chilindron”,tomato and ham casserole.

seasonal vegetables in Spain

Chickpeas with spinach is one of the more unusual combinations that really works well and is easy to try at home too!photo credit:Cocinando en vivovia光敏色素 (license)

Spinach – Espinacas

You'll find fresh spinach for sale everywhere in Spain and when dining out,你会在沙拉里看到,更传统的是,served in a chickpea casserole which often features bacalao also.它也是一种很受欢迎的意大利香肠馅,也会出现在汤里,甚至是玉米饼里。In Catalonia,常与松子和葡萄干一起食用。


虽然从技术上讲是水果,we have to include the revered tomato here.每个地区都有一个小镇或村庄专门种植大番茄,例如坎塔布里亚。加利扎诺的西红柿真的很好吃。Best enjoyed with a slather of olive oil and quality white wine vinegar – we're also very partial to a homemade gazpacho in which the tomato is a key ingredient.科尔多瓦的“salmorejo”是一种类似的番茄汤,青椒和大蒜。(FYI if you see ‘gazpacho extremeno' on a menu,番茄被换成生鸡蛋。)在寒冷的几个月里,tomatoes are often stuffed with meat and rice and baked.另一个经典的做法是在Bacalao中加入自制番茄酱。A leftover stew called ‘ropa vieja' usually includes tomatoes also.你一定要尝尝加泰罗尼亚罗梅斯库番茄酱,peppers,almonds and hazelnuts.The Basque ‘pipperada' using tomatoes and peppers is also delicious.我们差点忘了安达卢西亚早餐的新鲜硬壳面包,上面抹着番茄酱和一点油。In Catalonia,当你细读菜单时,你会发现菜单上有“爸爸Amb Tomaquet”。

Turnip – Nabos



Stir-fried,在一个炸土豆片中,French omelette,意大利香肠或是汤里的蘑菇——这些多肉的蘑菇非常好吃。Boletus is one of the most popular varieties which you see on many menus when dining out.

seasonal vegetables in Spain

The food markets are the best place to learn about and source great ingredients.Photo credit:Junjanvia光敏色素 (license)

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