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Spurred on by the re-opening of the vertigo-inducing Caminito del Rey walking route complete with bridge,我们已经决定在全西班牙集合我们最喜欢的西班牙“普恩特斯”或西班牙的桥梁。We've got a bit of everything in here – Roman bridges,foot bridges,hanging bridges,toll bridges,bridges designed by starchitects and bridges that just have great personality or meaning.Some we've crossed this year – others we're not sure we'll ever cross (would that be the Caminito??) but they are all spectacular in their own special way.


best driving routes in Spain

Driving Routes in Spain – 12 Road Trips

Nothing says holidays more than a car,a suitcase,sunglasses,还有开阔的道路。And here inSpain,we have a wonderful road infrastructure including shiny new three-lane highways that get you out of the cities plus plenty of those romantic rural roads that snake around the mountain ridges and coastal cliffs when you want them too.We know these driving routes in Spain because we are a Spain-based travel agent.Here atTotallySpainwe have been designing itineraries in Spain since 2000 and we love the open road as much as you do!


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September is a fantastic month to visit Spain.Not so hot,not so crowded and when much of the Northern hemisphere is switching on the heating and getting out the boots and sweaters,you are still able to enjoy a day out on the sea or a hike and picnic in the hills.